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General Questions

Ordering from us is easy! Just visit our shop page and add whatever products you desire to your cart. Once you have everything you want in your cart, simply go to the checkout page, fill in your information and place your order!

Payment is done through Interact E-Transfer and takes only minutes to send and process. Once we have your order and payment we will ship it out as early as the same day.

If you are a returning customer, we suggest signing up for an account. This will allow you to easily track and manage your orders and makes it quicker to place your next order.

Due to legal regulations, we can not sell products outside of Canada. Canadian Law prohibits the sale of cannabis outside of Canada.

Shipping Questions

We offer flat rate shipping at the cost of $20. This will ensure that your order will be delivered in as little as 2 business days (maximum 5 business days) and arrive safe and sound.

Pharmers Market ships all over Canada with Canada Post, this means that we can ship to over 99% of Canadians.

We are customer focused. We are very communicative with our clients and if you have advice or suggestions for us, we’re here to listen and help. Pharmers Market has a dedicated support team ready to answer all your concerns.

Simply put, you will never have to worry excessively about your mushroom experience when shopping with us. We will be more than happy to offer the support and help that you deserve.

We carefully pack each and every item into a discreet, plain box, or padded envelope. All our products are carefully sealed in smell proof and childproof bags to prevent damage and odour leaking during transport. We then package in a mailing envelope so they are as secure as possible during transport.

Payment Questions

We want to make the process of paying online very simple and convenient for you. This is why our team of experts is ready to assist with any situation that may arise. We choose to use Interac E-Transfer as the best option for taking online payments.

Interac E-transfer is a great, secure service to easily send money. With this system, Pharmer’s Market is able to optimize our delivery time. Signing up with us really offers the best of both worlds When it comes to quality and service. All you have to do is to browse the products you want and all processing fees are shown directly on the page.

They also provide a variety of additional services such as improved transaction security, which we opted in to improve your shopping experience. We know that you expect the best quality. With our help you don’t have to worry about quality or delivery.

Find out for yourself just how reputable our services are! All you need is to try out this great opportunity and the Interac E-Transfer payment system will speak for itself.

For full instructions on how to pay using Interac® E-Transfer click here The process is very simple and only takes a few minutes!

Click here for instructions

Rewards Program Questions

At Pharmer’s Market we want to give back to our valued customers so we have added a way to give back. Each time you make a purchase at Pharmer’s Market you will earn valuable reward points which you can use to purchase products in store.

Earning Reward Points is easy! Just make a purchase as normal and you will earn one point for each dollar you spend in store. It’s just that easy!

Purchasing Up To Points
$10 10
$20 20
$30 30
$40 40
$80 80
$100 100
$200 200
and so on

To redeem your reward points you just need redeem how many points you want use at checkout. Redeem 100 points to get $1 off your order.

Points Save
100 $1
200 $2
400 $4
500 $5
1000 $10
2000 $20
10000 $100
and so on

Mushroom Questions

We carry various species from the Cubensis family. Cubensis strains are the most stabally cultivated and they include over 100 varieties, ensuring both product diversity and sustainability.

On an average, most species of cubensis constrain approximately 0.63-0.68% psilocybin per 1 gram of dried weight. As mushrooms are a living organism, these numbers vary slightly from individual to individual but generally remain within the established range.

A microdose is considered to be 1/10, to 3/10 of a “trip” dose. For mushrooms this would be a capsule of 100mg to 300mg of psilocybin. Dried whole mushroom products are more difficult to measure, therefore if precision is required, we recommend microdosing with capsules as they are more accurately measured and may already contain additional stack compounds you may want to include.

There is still great debate surrounding this topic and a straightforward answer is not forthcoming. However, there are a few protocols that can be used that have some data behind them.

100mg-300mg every 3 days for 30 days – 60days

100mg-300mg, 5 days on and 2 days off for 30 days – 60 days

Until further data is available, it will be up to the individual to do what they feel is best for them following informed consent and credible research.

Generally speaking, it’s unclear – but likely the answer is no. The majority of mushrooms on the market are all members of the same species with nearly identical pharmacological profiles. The main differences lie in appearance, growth regions and mediums, as well as variances in psilocybin content of individual mushrooms – not species of cubensis. Mainly the differences in effects seem to be either based in doser biology, or belief of what will occur when dosing. More study into this is needed to determine other potential factors.

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