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Pharmer’s Market specializes in medical psilocybin mushrooms and products for our customers in the Port City of Halifax. We take great pride doing business in this dazzling city—no slouch when it comes to cultural, culinary and recreational offerings. Our waterfront boardwalk—the longest in North America—reminds everyone that this very walkable city is vivacious to its core. We also take pride in bringing psilocybin mushrooms to market and making them available to all Nova Scotians who are adults aged 19 and older.

Pharmer's Market in Halifax

Pharmer’s Market is a passionate community marketplace for locals to purchase psilocybin mushrooms to help heal and restore mental health, improve well-being and create positive self-awareness. Our mission is also to:

  • Offer the very best mushroom products from sustainable sources and reputable producers 
  • Focus on education and disseminate scientifically-proven breakthroughs in psychedelics 
  • Be an informative guide to understanding psilocybin
  • Act as an advocate for mental wellness
  • Provides the latest how-to tips and advice about how psilocybin can transform your life.

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Pharmer's Market is an online marketplace specializing in psilocybin mushrooms

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